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Request a Return Material Authorization(RMA)

In addition to complete equipment refurbishment and repair, we also offer component-level PCB repair. By offering fast turnaround and reasonable pricing with exceptional customer service, we think you'll find repairing your gear at the Omni Service Center to be a great experience and an amazing cost benefit. Please read the procedures for obtaining a Return Material Authorization below to help us best serve you.

Because we know you need your gear working, we also offer same-day service. This service costs an additional $70. Be sure to look for the same-day service checkbox when completing the RMA Request form below.

Our base shop rate for repairs is $85 per hour plus parts and return freight costs.

In the case that the gear or fixture is found to not have a problem, is DOA or you choose to not proceed with a repair, your credit card will be charged a $60.00 Evaluation Fee per item, plus the return freight costs.

With circuit and component-level repairs, should you choose to purchase replacement parts from us, there will be no Evaluation Fee.

Omni Service Center upholds a 90-day warranty (from the date of invoice) on the parts that we repair. However, we cannot warranty other problems that may occur with the equipment. Please check your invoice carefully to see a complete description of the parts that were either repaired or replaced in your case. Warranty claims will be accepted at our sole discretion, and do not cover acts of abuse, misconduct, acts of God, or otherwise.

How to proceed with requesting a RMA from the Omni Service Center:

Step 1: Follow the link at the bottom of this page to fill out the RMA request form.

Step 2: Once your RMA has been accepted, attach a note to the product, describing the problem with the gear.

Step 3: Ship the device(s) needing to be repaired via prepaid freight or shipping carrier to the following address. Make sure to send to the attention of the RMA number issued. See the below address for an example. Remember, we cannot accept shipments without the RMA number. Shipments without an RMA number will be refused.

Omni Lighting, Inc
Attn: RMA #####
1333 E. 4th ST.
Tulsa, OK 74120

More about shipping:

Please use factory shipping or an ATA road case if at all possible to prevent damage in transit. Remember, we will always report freight damage to you and the carrier, but cannot be responsible for damages that occur in transit. If you are unable to ship the product in its factory packaging or in an ATA road case, please call us so that we may help advise you as to the best way to package your item.

Occasionally we receive an item that is so poorly packaged that we reserve the right to repackage it for return and charge the customer for this service. We may do this to prevent any damage in the returning shipment, as we cannot be held liable for improper packing of the shipment. The best way to avoid this is to ship the item in its factory packaging or in an ATA approved road case.

Step 4: During the evaluation process, should we determine that the repair cost will exceed half the value of the replacement cost, we will contact you for approval. Otherwise, we will go ahead with the repair without notification.

Step 5: Upon completion of all repairs, the item will be repacked and you will be contacted with the final invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the item will be available for you to schedule a pick up via the carrier of your choice.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any particular service needs you may have, please don't hesitate to call. We're here to help!

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